The Onomatopoeia Poem

Try this one if you want to interest children (or grownups) in the music of words

Dong - ding - ding dong

(Sounding words can sing a song)

Twitter - cackle - hoot - screech -

(Speaking words can tell and teach)

Whizz - buzz - hum - zoom -

(An angry wasp invades my room)

Creaks - bangs - clattering crashes -

(A tray slips - a bottle smashes)

Howl - growl - snuffle - bark -

(Something's out there in the dark)

Giggle - mutter - mumble - cough -

(Time to switch this poem off!)

Listen to "Hope is..."


Hope is an unexpected letter.

"Hey, we love you. Please get better."

Hope is a voice from long ago

Ringing up to say "Hello".

Hope is a young and puzzled brow;

A smile, that says "I get it now."

Hope turns up to sweep and scrub

When fools have vandalised the club.

Hope takes part in Sponsored Walks.

Hope puts up with boring talks.

Hope's a well that's truly sunk,

Healthy water, gladly drunk.

Faith and Love are Jack and Jill;

Hope will help them up the hill.

Hope is....Hope is....what you will.


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