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February 2020


Little man climbs big tree

[A story from the Bible for a Rapper and two Readers]



Rapper: Now gather round  - as quick as you can -

As I rap around  Jesus  -the Good News Man.

He talks a straight - and a topical talk

And he walks a wise - and a wonderful walk;

But  critics begin – to moan and groan

That the teaching of Jesus - lowers the tone.

But some  are muttering – loud and long -

That the Good News Man - is just plain wrong.

And now they’re shouting – long and loud .

That he hangs around - with a lowlife crowd.


(stops rapping) How’s that for a start?.



Reader 1: Thanks Mr Rapper…But why did some

people dislike what Jesus was doing? Just who were the

“lowlife crowd “?  

Reader 2: Jesus went on into Jericho and was passing

through.There was a chief tax collector there named

Zacchaeus,  who was rich… 


Rapper:  Now here’s how it was - in the olden days!

The Roman is boss  - and the Jew obeys.

But the cheating taxman – sits in the middle

He rakes in the money - and fixes a fiddle. 

He’s a renegade Jew - and he’s on the make.

He’s a stooge of the Romans - he’s on the take.

He’s a crook with moneybags - filth on legs.

Zack the taxman? – He’s the dregs!

Just where should the swind-ling taxman go?

Down to hell – let him fry below!”

 (stops rapping)

Carry on please!


Reader 2: He was trying to see who Jesus was; but

he was a little man and could not see Jesus because

of the crowd. So he ran ahead of the crowd and climbed

a sycamore tree to see Jesus, who was going to pass that way.


Rapper:  Now Mister Zack - was a silly little crook.

But he really wanted - to have a little look.

He didn’t dare stand - in the very front row,

For the public would tell him - where to go.

Poor little fella ! - The  outlook’s dim…

Nobody wants - to be seen near him!

But how the heck - can he hope to see?

That funny little man - has climbed up a tree.

It seems that Zack - is a secret fan

Of  generous Jesus  - the Good News Man!

(stops rapping) Next lines, please.


Reader 2: When Jesus came to that place he looked

up and said to Zacchaeus:“Hurry down, Zacchaeus,

because I must stay in your house today.”


Rapper:  Stay with a crook? - He deserves to choke!

It’s a slap in the teeth - for the decent folk.

How dare he share - that criminal’s food?

That Good News Man - is a foolish dude!

Everybody knows - what this must mean:

He’s got to go  – the man’s unclean….


Reader 2 : Zacchaeus stood up and said to the Lord:

“Listen, sir! I will give half my belongings to the poor,

and if I have cheated anyone, I will pay him back

four times as much.”


Rapper:Well, how about that? - What a change of heart!

He’s wants to be good – and he’s made a  start.

What wonderful news! - If you lost to Zack,

He’s now decided - to pay you back.

Yes, pay you back! – It’s cashback time,

As Zack says sorry - for his horrible crime.

That Good News Man – there ain’t no doubt

Was a very kind  friend - to the odd man out.

If the Lord loves me - and the Lord loves you,

Then it looks as if he loves - all the scumbags too.

And if  no-good guys – get rid of sin,

Then the “odd ones out”- can be the “new ones in.”

It’s a wonderful thought – it could well be true.

(slowing down)

But what does it mean – for me and for you?


Prayer in response


 Dear God. some people seem to think its fun

To shun

The one

Whose face won’t fit. 

Dear Lord. please help us not

To hate and persecute  “the other lot”;

For Jesus Christ, whose words  ring true,

Tells us to quit

The nasty game of sneering;

And put an end

To cruel jokes and jeering…

Dear Lord, I m asking you -

- The lonely misfit’s friend.

Be my friend too.



 You cannot know,






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