May 2020

This month's poem is a hymn - written for the Farewell Service

for Denise and William McMurray after many years'  leadership

of The Salvation Army Community Church. Stirling, Scotland.


Goodbye - and God be with you

In all your coming days.  

For countless acts of kindness

We offer thanks and praise

For work and prayer and worship,  

Through many hectic years;

Your service freely given

In laughter, toil and tears.


Farewell! We face a future

Perplexing and unknown.

Relying on God’s mercy

In former blessings shown.

Take hold of His assurance

And prove it ever true:

‘Fear not for I am with you,

My mercies ever new.’  


Then welcome, change and challenge!

A busy chapter ends.

You love us and you leave us 

To find and serve new friends.  

Do deeds of kindness vanish?

God treasures every one.

Faith, hope and joy inspire us  

To say ‘Well played! Well done!’




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